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We tackle all of your major household pests.
Whether it’s hornets, ants, spiders, mosquitos, squirrel’s, rats, mice, or even termites, Ultra Guard Pest Solutions has a service to fit your needs.

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Pest Control

Is your home or business attracting pests you don’t want? At Ultra Guard, we allow you to choose a Service Plan that fits your budget or tolerance level. We use proactive techniques that help prevent pest infestations. We start with an inspection, identify the problem, and evaluate all the reasons pests infest your home or business. When we use a product, we select the most efficient treatment to minimize any risk or hazard to your family or the environment.

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Are you sick and tired of mosquitoes taking over your yard? Mosquitoes can cause harm to humans and pets due to diseases they carry like West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. At Ultra Guard, we perform a thorough inspection of your property and implement a strategy to help remove or reduce the areas mosquitoes use to breed. Once the breeding areas have been identified, we perform a treatment to areas around your home where mosquitoes like to rest and wait for a blood meal.

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Squirrel, Rat, and Mice Removal and Prevention

Are you hearing noises in your attic, walls, or crawlspace? Have you seen signs of droppings, or chew holes? You probably have a squirrel, rat, or mouse living in your home. Rats and Squirrels cause serious damage as they gnaw on wood and other materials to control the growth of their teeth. They can also cause electrical fires. At Ultra Guard, we will come inspect your home from top to bottom and locate the entry areas. We then seal all entry areas and proceed to trap and release rodents.

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Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning damage to wood in and around your home can happen very quickly. These silent destroyers of homes work together quietly and cost the average homeowner $3000 in repairs. Termite prevention is the best option to protect your home against structural damage. At Ultra Guard, we offer liquid barrier treatments to prevent termites from infesting your home. Don’t be a victim to termites. Protect your home today.

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I WOULD GIVE KENNY 10 STARS! He came to our home very quickly and removed a HUGE HORNETS nest from my front bushes without ruining the bush it was wrapped up tight inside of. He was extremely knowledgeable and used every safety precaution. Kenny is a professional 100% and we will have him every time we have a pest problem. Excellence, Honesty & Integrity is a must for the services I hire to come to my home and Kenny is TOPS in all of those and more! Call him, you will not be disappointing!

- Aurea McGarry
Kenny has taken care of pest control in my house for 3 years. I live near water and had a bad water bug problem. Kenny has kept the bugs away and I am eternally grateful. He just doesn’t come in and spray the house and leave. He checks it out throughly and makes sure there are no problems. He even cleans my windows from spiderwebs! I would highly recommend Ultra Guard Pest Control.
- Mina Shuaibe Altice

Kenny has taken care of our pest control in our home for the past few years now. He came highly recommended by our previous pest control company when my family and I moved to the area. He is very professional and always goes above and beyond to make sure I don’t see any bugs in my home! He is very accommodating to my family’s ever-changing schedule as well. I tell everyone I know to use him for their pest control service!

- Colleen Spanier
I switched from a large national pest control company 3 years ago. Kenny has provided me with the best possible service. I have had no pest issues since I started using Ultra Guard but know that because of who Kenny is he would quickly address any issues that arose between services. He is delightful to work with and I look forward to chatting during his quarterly service calls. I highly recommend him.
- Cynthia Austin


We’re about more than just pest control, we’re about pest prevention. To help you identify and troubleshoot common issues at home, we’re working hard to develop a video blog series that helps you keep your home safe.

*Exciting things are coming! Be sure to check back often for the Ultra Guard Pest Solutions Video Blog!

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Have a Pest Problem? Ultra Guard Pest Solutions has the Answer!

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